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Solution: Salary raise

The program needs to update one of the values of the given hash. Assigning a new value does not differ much from setting a new value of a scalar variable.


Here is the solution:

my %employee =
    full-name => 'Eliza Vents',
    department => 'Sales',
    salary => 3000;

my $raise = 5; # in percents

%employee<salary> *= (1 + $raise / 100);
say "New salary of %employee<full-name>: %employee<salary>";

🦋 Find the program in the file salary-raise.raku.


When running the program, make sure you made valid calculations and converted the number of percents correctly.

$ raku exercises/associatives/salary-raise.raku
New salary of Eliza Vents: 3150

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