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Solution: Triple negation

The program shown in the task won’t compile and requires a small fix. Here is the correct and working variant (space added to separate ! and !!):


my $value = False;
say ! !!$value;

🦋 You can find the full code in the file triple-negation.raku.


The program prints an inverted Boolean value as you probably expected:

$ raku triple-negation.raku


It was a bit unexpected the program with three exclamation marks did not compile:

$ raku triple-negation.raku
===SORRY!=== Error while compiling /Users/ash/raku-course/exercises/booleans/triple-negation.raku
Two terms in a row
at /Users/ash/raku-course/exercises/booleans/triple-negation.raku:2
------> say !!!$value;
    expecting any of:
        infix stopper
        statement end
        statement modifier
        statement modifier loop

An additional space solves this problem. But don’t fall into another trap. Consider the following program:

my $value = False;
say !!! $value;

This program compiles but terminates with the following message:

$ raku triple-negation.raku
    in block <unit> at exercises/booleans/triple-negation.raku line 2

This happens because !!! is a special operator for marking the part of the code as stub code. It the program reaches this point, it terminates and prints the message, which in our case was the current value of the variable $value. Refer to 📖 the documentation for more details.

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