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Data type conversion

So far, we have seen a number of data types that Raku supports. Those were different kinds of numbers (integers, rational numbers, and floating-point numbers), strings, and Boolean type. Each data type has its name in the Raku type system.

Str String of characters
Int Integer number
Rat Rational number
Num Floating-point number
Bool Logical Boolean

There are more data types that Raku understands. We will see them in the further sections of this course.


Please do not skip the exercises after this section as they reveal some additional information about the data types of Raku.


Complete the quiz that covers the contents of this topic.


This section contains 3 exercises. Examine all the topics of this section before going to the coding practice.

  1. True and False numbers
  2. True and False strings
  3. Fractional part

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