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Quiz: What does WHAT return?

Select the correct result of calling the WHAT method.

(Str) 'String'.WHAT returns (: (Int), (Rat), (Num), (Str) :)  
(Int) 500.WHAT returns (: (Int), (Rat), (Num), (Str) :)  
(Rat) 3.14.WHAT returns (: (Int), (Rat), (Num), (Str) :) Two dots should not confuse you.
(Num) pi.WHAT returns (: (Int), (Rat), (Num), (Str) :) pi is Num by definition.
(Int) (-10).WHAT returns (: (Int), (Rat), (Num), (Str) :)  
(Int) (+10).WHAT returns (: (Int), (Rat), (Num), (Str) :)  
(Rat) (-1/2).WHAT returns (: (Int), (Rat), (Num), (Str) :)  
(Int) ('3' + '4').WHAT returns (: (Int), (Rat), (Num), (Str) :) '3' + '4' does numeric addition, so the result is integer.
(Str) ('3' ~ '4').WHAT returns (: (Int), (Rat), (Num), (Str) :) String concatenation gives a string.

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