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if blocks

The if conditional check tests a condition and if it is True, runs a block of code.

if 10 > 4 {
    say 'Mathematics works!';

Notice that you don’t need to put the condition in parentheses (but you can if you wish).

Of course, variables are more than welcome in the tests:

my $flag = False;
if $flag {
    # . . . do something

In the case when more than one check uses the same variable, it is possible to use chained comparisons:

my $x = 42;
if 40 < $x < 45 {
    say "Correct answer $x is given.";

If the condition is not satisfied, the associated block of code is not executed, and the program flow continues.

say 'Begin';
if False {
    say 'This is never printed.';
say 'End';

This program just prints Begin and End.;


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