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Hello, World!

Great, we have learnt the essential things required to talk to Raku and see the response, so let’s go straight to the first real program, ‘Hello, World!’.

say 'Hello, World!';

Just before we learn the basics of functions, let us see a few different options you can use in this program.

First of all, you can put parentheses around the function argument:

say('Hello, World!');

Second, you can use other functions, namely, put, and print. Again, with or without parentheses:

put 'Hello, World!';

print("Hello, World!\n");

Notice that you need to manually add the newline character at the end of the message in the case of print. But don’t worry, we’ll cover all these details later.

Before we move on, let me show one more exciting option. You can call a function as a method directly on the string:

'Hello, World!'.say;

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