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Solution: Division via subtraction

The division is repeated subtraction. The program has a while loop that reduces $a by the value of $b and repeats it while the current value of $a is not less than $b. The variable $n counts the number of iterations, and it is also the result that we need.


Here is the full program:

my $a = 175;
my $b = 25;

my $n = 0;
while $a >= $b {
    $a -= $b;

say $n;

🦋 Find the program in the file division-via-subtraction.raku.


Run the program a few times. Start with the given values which give an exact integer:

$ raku exercises/loops/division-via-subtraction.raku

Also try, for example, to change $b to 20 and confirm that the result is correct:

$ raku exercises/loops/division-via-subtraction.raku

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