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Solution: FizzBuzz in a loop

This time, the divisibility check happens in a loop. Instead of direct printing, the phrase is first accumulated in a separate variable and is later interpolated in a string.


Here is the new solution:

for 1..50 -> $n {
    my $fizzbuzz = '';
    $fizzbuzz ~= 'Fizz' if $n %% 3;
    $fizzbuzz ~= 'Buzz' if $n %% 5;
    say "$n: $fizzbuzz";

🦋 Find the program in the file fizbuzz-loop.raku.


$ raku exercises/loops/fizbuzz-loop.raku


For a pedantic problem solver, the solution may not be perfect as it prints a space after the colon even for those numbers, which did not get any Fizz of Buzz. Modify the program to avoid that issue.

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