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Solution: Apple sharing

Here is the solution to the problem.


my $N = 3;
my $K = 11;

my $gets = $K div $N;
my $remains = $K % $N;

say "Each person gets $gets apple(s).";
say "There are $remains apple(s) remaining.";

🦋 You can find the full code in the file apple-sharing.raku.


With the input numbers 3 and 11, the program prints the following output:

$ raku exercises/numbers/apple-sharing.raku
Each person gets 3 apple(s).
There are 2 apple(s) remaining.

Modify the initial value of $N and $K to model other situations:

  • $K is multiple of $N, for example, 12 and 3;
  • $K is equals to $N;
  • $K is less than $N.


In the program, we are using the two operators: div to perform integer division and % for getting the remainder of the division. Alternatively, you can make the calculations in the following manner:

my $gets = $K div $N;
my $remains = $K - $N * $gets;

Also note how the variables are interpolated in the string.

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