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Solution: Number of tens

This is how you can solve the task.


my $n = prompt 'Enter a positive integer number: ';

say ($n % 100) div 10;

🦋 You can find the full code in the file tens.raku.


Run the program and test a few different cases:

  • A three-digit round number such as 120;
  • A multiple of 100, for example, 400;
  • A number which is bigger than 10 but smaller than 100.
  • A number less than 10.

For number 234, the program’s output looks like this:

$ raku exercises/numbers/tens.raku
Enter a positive integer number: 234


In this solution, the combination of the modulo % and integer division div is used again.

Notice the space before the opening parenthesis. It has to be there; otherwise, you get a syntax error. We’ll return to this aspect of Raku in the section about functions, but for now, type the code as shown above or add another pair of parentheses to surround the argument of the function — in this case, no space is needed:

    say(($n % 100) div 10);

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