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Solution: Traffic lights

The idea of the solution is to ’loop the indexing’ of the array with the four states of the traffic lights:

my @lights = <yellow red yellow green>;

During the first seconds, the number of seconds since the start can be directly used as an index in the array. When it exceeds 3, you can loop it to the beginning of the array with the modulo operator %. The length of the array is @lights.elems, but when it is used as an operand of %, there is no need to call the elems method, as the name of the array will be converted to a number, and that conversion is designed to return the number of elements.


Here is the solution:

my @lights = <yellow red yellow green>;

say @lights[51 % @lights];
say @lights[102 % @lights];
say @lights[305 % @lights];

🦋 Find the program in the file traffic-lights.raku.


Run the program. Additionally, try other values in the program.

$ raku exercises/positionals/traffic-lights.raku

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