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Lists are similar to arrays but are immutable. It is not possible to change the size or the elements of a list. Use parentheses to create a list:

my $odd = (1, 3, 5, 7, 9);

Subscripting lists

To access individual elements of a list, use square brackets with the index:

say $odd[3]; # 7

Although, it is not possible to set a new value:

$odd[3] = 8; # Not OK

Such an attempt causes an exception:

Cannot modify an immutable List ((1 3 5 7 9))
  in block <unit> at t.raku line 4

Assigning a list to an array

What happens when you save a list in a variable with the @ sigil?

my @data = (40, 42, 44);

In this case, the @data variable contains an array, and you can modify its elements.

Variable vs list

Note that the fact that lists are immutable does not mean you cannot reuse the variable that keeps it.

my $elements = (1, 2);
say $elements[0]; # 1

$elements = (3, 4);
say $elements[0]; # 3


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