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Solution: Correct the identifiers

There is more than one way to make the identifiers correct. Some possible options are shown here:


my $AGE = 30;
my $Name = 'Valdis';
my $Middle'Name = 'C.';
my $address2 = 'Second street, 12';
my $from-to = 'London to Paris';

All the identifiers are valid, but it is probably better to avoid names with apostrophes if you $don't have strong reasons to use them.

🦋 You can find the source code in the file identifiers.raku.


This program does not generate any output, but you should not get any errors when Rakudo compiles and runs it:

$ raku exercises/scalar-variables/identifiers.raku


Let us list the problems with the original names:

  1. Spaces are not allowed: $ A G E.
  2. A variable needs a sigil: Name (it is possible to have sigilless variables in Raku, but they still cannot be declared as my Name).
  3. An apostrophe (a single quote, actually) cannot start a name: $'Middle'Name.
  4. A digit cannot start a name either: $2address.
  5. Two hyphens cannot sit together: $from--to.

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