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Quiz: Valid names of the variables

Select the variables which are named correctly.

1 $alpha  
1 $ALPHA  
1 $A-L-P-H-A  
0 $ a name You cannot have spaces in the name.
0 $-a-name- The name cannot start or end with a hyphen.
1 $FirstName  
1 $first_name  
1 first_name  
1 $last’name A single quote can be a part of a name.
1 $Βητα  
1 $Βήτα Accented Greek letters are also fine!
0 $33 A name cannot start with a digit.
1 $AddressLine1  
0 $AddressLine-1 A dash must be followed by an alphabetic character.
0 $2LineOfAddress A name cannot start with a digit.
0 $)%^@!# Total rubbish :-)
0 $”scalar” A quote character is neither letter nor digit nor underscore.
1 $number-of-items  
1 $numberofitems  
1 $numberOfItems  
0 $number--of--items Two hyphes one after another are not OK.
1 $number__of__items  

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