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Quiz — Type constraints

Make the variables in the below program typed-restricted. Choose the most narrow type required to keep the value;

Int my ␣␣␣ $a = 500;  
Int my ␣␣␣ $b = 304839573985398539853535353; Long numbers are supported out of the box.
Rat my ␣␣␣ $c = 3.5; This is a Rat. Note that Num values are written in scientific notation.
Rat my ␣␣␣ $d = 17/19; This is also a Rat, and not a division.
Rat my ␣␣␣ $e = <2/5>; This is one of the possible notations for Rats.
Num my ␣␣␣ $f = pi; The built-in value of π is a Num value.
Num my ␣␣␣ $g = 3e-4;  
Str my ␣␣␣ $h = '18';  

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